Tavum Jhall

a cleric of Loass, bringer of justice


Race: Human
Class: Cleric
LVL: 1
Saving Throw: 15 (+2 v/ paralyze or poison)
HD/HP: 1/5
XP Bonus: 10%
XP: 0

Str: 13 (1 hit, +1 dmg)
Dex: 8 (
1 AC [-1 AC], -1 hit)
Con: 10
Int: 12 (3 addtn languages max, max spell: 7)
Wis: 15 (5% xp, +1 1st level spell)
Cha: 9 (4 max hirelings)

Movement: 9
Alignment: Law

Class Abilities:

-Divine Spellcasting
-Turn Undead (pg 9)


-Heavy mace (1d6 + 2)
-club (1d4 + 1)

Armor: (50 lbs)

-Ring mail -33]
-Shield -1[


-scroll case (x2)
-leather flask
-iron pot
-small sack
-50 ft rope (hemp)
-torch (x5)
-hooded lantern
-oil, pint (x2)
-rations, dried (5)
-rations, trail (10)
-golden holy symbol (a round disk, embossed with a scale crossed with a workman’s hammer)


16gp 5sp 2cp

per day (1)

-Cure light wounds


Tall and broad shouldered, Tavum wears his black hair cropped and sports a full beard and goatee that is shaved close. He has brown eyes and a broad smile across his rounded face. You notice that his ringmail bulges out slightly in the middle as he walks the trail.

Tavum grew up the elder son of a noble family and was allowed to serve in the city’s temple and pursue studies. That was until the crusades came – he took up hammer and shield to defend the faith. These times left him well skilled and instilled a sense of justice in him. When he heard of the lawless frontier he had to bring justice and faith to the wilds.

Day to day he is content to travel, speak to the truth of Loass, and cook simple (but delicious meals).

Tavum Jhall

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