What’s Winterwall About?

Winterwall is a sandbox campaign of old school D&D using the Swords & Wizardry rules set. The emphasis is on blue collar adventure: Wilderness exploration, tomb raiding, descents into forsaken Dwarven holds and plain old dungeoneering are all on the menu. The rules are super light and quick to learn, and we have a lot of fun. Come join us!

Winterwall is also intended to be a massively multiplayer offline campaign. We intend to have multiple groups playing in the same world, contemporaneously. Trash talking and group-jumping is to be encouraged. ALL players share one world map, that they maintain, and that map is the tie that binds. Ultimately, I’d like to have upwards of 20 players participating as they’re able and so inclined.

If you like to read really awesome stuff about how this sort of campaign is supposed to work, you should do yourself a favor and go check out West Marches.


Swords & Wizardry is an OSR game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. I’m talking pre-AD&D Dungeons & Dragons. I’m talking Elf is a race is a class Dungeons & Dragons. It is freely available in PDF form, and there are also print versions to be had. If you still have an old version of Dungeons & Dragons, that will work. So will Labyrinth Lord. If you don’t want to invest in rules, that’s fine too: Swords & Wizardry is extremely easy to learn.

Social Stuff

This campaign is run on a nominally monthly basis at NWARPG Game Days. These take place the third Thursday of every month in Rogers, Arkansas at Gamer Utopia in the Dixieland Mall. Though you’re encouraged to express interest beforehand on the NWARPG forums (or here), walk-ups are quite welcome.

Grognards and Greenhorns are welcome alike. We only ask that you come prepared to have fun and have patience with others.


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