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These hooks are to get us started. As the campaign evolves the next adventure should come organically.

The Roll of the Dead

Come, pour some mead on the ground for…

Melphius the Magnificent…slain by an impaling trap while attempting to loot liberate the dark eye of the medusa goddess.

Dylan Longshanks A hapless thief from back east who was pinned to the ground by goblin arrows, a mere handful of yards from his companions. (lvl 1, Chaotic)

Dorian the Half-man
He died in the Goblin king’s grotto, felled by a black orcish blade. (Lvl 1 Half-elf, Chaotic, F/MU/TH)

A note about the Wiki

This wiki is for you, the players. You are encouraged to create entries that reflect your journeys in the wilderness and down below. Ultimately, it would be nice if this wiki turned into a sort of subjective encyclopedia detailing the world you’ve discovered (and looted).

Main Page

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