A guide to character creation

Statistics Generation

Stats are generated by rolling 3d6 and placing them in order.
The order is:

  1. strength
  2. intelligence
  3. wisdom
  4. dexterity
  5. constitution
  6. charisma

IF your character has two stats of 7 or less AND no stat over a 13 you may hand him or her over to me as an NPC. However, you must complete the character, not just give me a list of stats.

Background and Description

An extensive narrative about your character is neither required or encouraged. That stuff should be developed through play. Here’s what I DO want for the character:

One sentence describing the character’s reason for adventuring.
One sentence describing the character’s physical appearance.
One sentence describing how the character goes about life.

An example:
This tall, lanky, sandy-haired, spearman habitually stands with a slouch and a wink in his eye. He left his life as a farmer across the mountains to come to Winterwall and earn a fortune sufficient to make up for his pock-marked face and enable him to marry his childhood sweetheart. He is, for this reason, an absolute skinflint and will save every copper he finds in the wilds.


As mentioned elsewhere, we’re using the law/chaos/neutrality triptych of alignment. I like this scheme because it’s somewhat alien and weird (at least to my thinking), and puts me in mind of the relatively amoral heroes of Lieber and Moorcock.

Please keep in mind that though you may know another PC’s alignment, your character may not (and almost certainly doesn’t think of another character in such a cut-and-dried manner). Also keep in mind that alignment conflicts can be handled in a more nuanced manner than “burn Burn BURN YOU HERETIC!!!!” Especially between PCs.

Armor Class

We’re going to be using the alternate ascending armor class system from Swords & Wizardry. Players must keep track of their Baset To-hit Bonus. The chart and explanation of the system are on page 22 of the rulebook.

A guide to character creation

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