Tag: NPC


  • Gardo the Gruesome

    This tall, thin warrior was a farmer and weekend militia member back across the mountains. His pockmarked face has made it difficult to find a bride, and he hopes to gain enough treasure to make up for his appearance with a sizable dowry.

  • Annika the Sword Sister

    The strange rituals of the frozen north require that the women of certain lines of ancestry must train as warriors and travel to the south and find a wizard to protect and cleave to. Annika goes about her sacred task (or any task, for that matter) with a …

  • Hud

    Hud is the son of a local groomsman in Winterwall. He used to be really good with horses, until he was kicked in the head. Still, he goes about the simple tasks he is capable of with a refreshingly good humor.

  • Bastus

    Blastus would be a handsome fellow if his nose had not been broken so many times. His dark features match the stormy scorn with which he views his fellow men-at-arms. He delights in conversation, and his every gesture and utterance is eloquent and florid …

  • Ignatius

    Ignatius has come from the far southlands in pursuit of the fabled knowledge of Netheril. He goes to great pains to keep up the image of a wizard as mysterious and quick to anger, and can often be found secreted within the deep hood of his robe or …

  • Raja

    Raja has travelled far from his home in the southeast, across an entire continent, to pursue opportunity on the frontier and to ensure that the good business practices extolled by Luxe take hold in this new land. Raja is fastidious about his appearance …