Short but stout, with close cropped blond hair & sqinty eyes, wearing big sea boots, ring mail, and a cloak; he carries a battle axe and a shield in addition to the sturdy pack on his back.


Race: Human
Class: Fighter
LVL: 2
Saving Throw: 13
HP: 17 Current as of 28JAN2012: 17
XP Bonus: 5%
XP: 2251

STR: 15 Bonus to Hit +1, Damage Bonus +1
DEX: 11 Missile Bonus 0, AC Bonus 0
CON: 17 HP Bonus per/LVL +1 Hit Die 1
INT: 09 # Languages 1 (Common)
WIS: 12
CHA: 08 Max # Hirelings 3

Movement: 9
Alignment: Chaos


Battle Axe 1D8 damage
Darts (12) 1D3 damage


Chain 4 Bonus
Shield 1 Bonus

Equipment & Etc:

Chain Armor (Has simple conical helmet)
Battle Axe
Darts (12) (6 attached to shield, the rest on hist belt)
Signal Whistle (on string around neck)
Block & Tackle
Grappling Hook
2 Metal Hooks w/Eyes for attaching to rope
50 Feet Hemp Rope
4 Sq Yd Canvas, for use as tent or blanket
Flint & Steel
Candles (10)
Bronze Lamp
Copper Flask, 1 Pint Lamp Oil
Stick of Chalk
Cooking Pot w/Lid & Sm. Tripod
25’ Twine
Goblin-Made Dice
Knife (Cooking/Utility)
Bag 1 Dz. 2" Caltrops, metal
2 Foot Iron Pry Bar
2 Iron Spikes
5 Wooden Wedges
Corked Wine Bottle
2 Empty Potion Vials w/Caps
Silver Bell (found in Ruins of Winding Stair, unrung so far)

Kept in neck pouch: 1PP, 10 GP, 40 SP, 30 CP
Boots: lined with gold foil off Mummy’s Chariot
“Banked” 100 GP, also has an old book looted from the Dungeons of the Winding Stair, and a Jeweled Gold Goblet from the Chariot Mummy’s Tomb


Henchman: One-Armed Tom , Ex-Hireling, Receives 1/2 Share in Group Adventure Profits
STR: 12, DEX: 11, CON: 11, INT: 11, WIS: 13, CHA: 11
AC: 12, HP: 6, SAVE 14, Move: 9 Current XP: 213
Weapon: Fine Cleaver 1d4 +1
Leather Armor, wears a floppy wide brim black hat
Boots (lined with gold foil off Mummy’s Chariot)
Carries a custom pack optimized for a one-armed man
Thieves Tools
Bed Roll
Flint & Steel Sparker optimized for 1-Armed Man
5 Torches
18 Days Trail Rations
Kept in neck pouch: 5GP, 20SP, 15CP
1 Ruby (75 GP)
“Banked” 50GP, also has an old book looted from the Dungeons of the Winding Stair, and a Jeweled Gold Goblet from the Chariot Mummy’s Tomb
= Chief Porter & Torcherbearer, Cook, Minion Wrangler, Thief in Training, Local Guide
Usually stays out of combat, but will pitch in if needed, often carries & applies healing potions & salves, in charge of returning Kankad’s remains to “civilization” for burial.

Hireling: Two-Armed Phil Porter/Torchbearer, Tom’s Nephew, 1GP/Day on Adventure, 1GP/Week on Retainer, may be promoted to Henchman if survives and Adventure or two.
STR: 15, DEX: 14, CON: 12, INT: 11, WIS: 11, CHA: 13
AC: 12, HP: 6, SAVE 14, Move: 9
Weapon: Club 1d4
Leather Armor, wears a floppy wide brim Brown hat
Bed Roll
2 Medium Sacks with half dozen rags for wrapping loot
In neck pouch: 3GP, 8Sp, 12CP
=== Phil’s rucksack starts an adventure empty unless long distance requires more food/water, during combat he usually carries Kankad’s Pack and/or a torch and/or fetches tools etc. Rucksack hopefully fills with loot during adventure. Helps Tom Etc. Enters combat only if absolutely necessary, otherwise defends himself & Tom & keeps watch behind.


Short but stout, with close cropped blond hair & sqinty eyes from a youth at sea, Kankad came inland to see the wonders of land for a change, and perhaps because as a worshiper of Aon his captain thought he attracted too many storms. He came to Winterwall via the caravan routes, working as a guard & porter. He spends freely, but makes some concessions to prudence – maintaining his chain armor, battle axe, shield, and darts in top fighting condition, keeping himself & minions well supplied and fed. Maybe if he strikes it rich, he’ll go back, buy a ship, and be a captain – even if it’s only of a tiny fishing boat. For now he’s had two good runs looting the Ruins of the Winding Stair acquired 2 minions and is considering a career as a dungeoneering guide & consultant. Normally seen wearing chain armor over a canvas smock & simple leather tunic & breaches, with big sea boots, a large warm cloak. He has a chainmail coif & simple metal cap, but only wears them when prepared for combat. He usually carries his battle axe one handed & his shield (marked with a sea otter bearing a merchant’s scale). In town he’s inseperable from One-Armed Tom & nowadays Tom’s nephew Two-Arm Phil is often hanging about. When adventuring Kankad & Phil take turns carrying Kankad’s heavy equipment pack while Tom carries the ration pack. He is well known about the taverns of Winterwall and seems to be mostly on good terms with dwarves and has been known to help clerics of Loass (if they can bear some jokes about clerics in general & Loass in particular).

After the Quest for the Beer Recipes of the Charred Inn he and his henchman One-Armed Tom came back seemingly rolling in gold and had an epic debauch in the bars and inns of Winterwall. Rumor does say one of the other adventurers died and a minion went missing. When they sobered up they put up a sign as adventurers for hire and cautiously let out that for the right price they’ld guide people to the ruins where they had struck it rich. This lead to the Expedition to the Ruins of the Winding Stairs assisting quite a large party. This time Kankad & Tom lead 7 other adventurers down to the Ruins beyond the Fallow Fields, eventually the party came back, richer than they had left, but missing 2 adventurers but having picked up another adventurer on the way. Word round Winterwall is that Kankad & Co. is a risky way to make money, but they do their job & are upfront about the risk to their clients.

Kankad =
Kill Count:: Humans: 1 Bears: 1 Giant Rats: 1 Goblins: 7, 3 Orcs
Has also Faced: Animated Skeletons, Ghouls, a Gnoll
Has Survived: falling in a Pit Trap

One-Armed Tom =
Kill Count:: Mummy 1


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