This tall thin man with receding black hair seems ill at ease in his own body.


Race: Human
Class: Magic User
Alignment: Law
Lvl/Xp: 0/0 (+10%)
HD/HP: 1d6-1/1
Save: 15 +2 vs. spells
Weapon: Staff 1d6-1
AC: None 10

Str:7 -1TH, -1 DMG
Int: 14 4 lang, 7 spells/lvl +5%xp
Wis:14 +5%
Dex:5 -1TH, +1 {-1} AC
Con:11 -
Chr:10 -


Read Magic
Magic Missile (typically memorized)


Book of Spells
Charcoal Grey Robes
Elaborately carved staff of Bois d’Arc


Ignatius has come from the far southlands in pursuit of the fabled knowledge of Netheril. He goes to great pains to keep up the image of a wizard as mysterious and quick to anger, and can often be found secreted within the deep hood of his robe or swishing his robes dramatically, as if he is turning in fury. As often as not, he gets he feet tangled in said swishing robes.


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