Garven the Clanless

A tough looking dwarf with wild eyes, heavily armed and armored - some might call him trouble.


Race: Dwarf
Class: Dwarven Warrior
Level 1
HD/HP: 1/7
AC: 15
XP Bonus: 5%
Saving Throw: 14 (+4 against any magic)
Class Feature: Easily takes note of certain features of stonework*

Ability Scores
Strength – 16 [+1 to hit and damage]
Dexterity – 9
Constitution – 10
Intelligence – 6
Wisdom – 6
Charisma – 11 [Max. Hirelings: 4]

Movement: 6 [Weight Carried: 115 lbs]

Alignment: Neutral

Battle Axe [1d8 +1 dam.]
Heavy Mace [1d6 +2 dam.]
Spear x3 [1d6, RoF:1, 20ft range]

Chain Mail 4]
Shield [

Other Gear
Backpack [30 lb capacity]
Flint & Steel
Rations, Trail (x6)
Rope, Hemp (50 ft)
Torch (x2)

6 gp, 5 sp, 7 cp


Garven’s stature is unassuming for a young adult dwarf – he’s short, stout, and his reddish-brown beard is both long and unkempt. His appearance is perhaps a bit more striking. Heavy scaring pockmarks his face, with one prominent scar tracing from the top of his forehead, across his left eye socket, and ending midway down on his cheek. He is slightly less than personable, although likable.

Growing up the slave of an elven mercenary, named Lynale, has left Garven less than kind towards the race as a whole. He spent his childhood being beaten and performing menial and sometimes humiliating tasks for his master. During his teenage years the abuse continued as he primarily engaged in back-breaking labor and often served as a sparring “dummy.” It wasn’t until a wealthy adventurer kindly paid his debt to Lynale that he was free to go his own way.

Since that day, Garven has struck out on an adventure of his own making. His ‘savior,’ as Garven refers to the unnamed hero, purchased the dwarf a smattering of mundane equipment and wished him well. Beyond that, the mysterious benefactor refused to engage in any other relationship witht he dwarf. He hopes to find fame and fortune so that he, too, can free others through acts of kindness – though his rough demeanor would mask his soft heart.

Garven the Clanless

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