Annika the Sword Sister

This statuesque woman from the far northlands stares at you with icy blue eyes.


Race: Human
Class: Woman-at-Arms
Lvl/Xp: 0/0
Save: 14
Weapon: Battle Axe (may be wielded 2-handed for +1 dmg)
AC: Ringmail and Shield 5{14]


The strange rituals of the frozen north require that the women of certain lines of ancestry must train as warriors and travel to the south and find a wizard to protect and cleave to. Annika goes about her sacred task (or any task, for that matter) with a bull-headed gusto and single mindedness. Annika is fair skinned, fair haired, has piercing pale blue eyes, and is exceedingly fair to look upon, but when she speaks it does much to reduce any natural attraction.

Annika the Sword Sister

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