Underhill at the Charred Inn

6 May, 1032/ 16 December, 2010

Our heroes are forced by returning bandits to take the underwater passage in the springhouse before they would have liked. Beyond the spring they find some sort of large ruined underground complex dedicated to a medusa-like snake goddess. Within this dungeon are many perilous traps, evidence of cannibalism, dangerous undead, and a mysterious library. Along the way, Melphius the Dark Wizard meets an untimely end.

Characters Present

Tavum Jhall, Cap’n Woodrow
Melphius, msolano
Kankad, modenstein
Garven the Clanless, themcfadden

Hirelings Present

One-arm Tom (in the service of Kankad)
Goslyn (in the service of Garvin)

At the Entrance
1. The Group Rests
2. Tavum falls asleep on watch
3. The missing bandits return.
4. Wolves are heard, as is the name of “Targon”
5. Flight through the underwater passage.
6. Treasure is discovered.
7. Breaking through the brick wall

First Steps into the Dungeon
1. Kankad falls in a pit.
2. Melphius reaps the rewards of greed.
3. Large storeroom-stinky dwarf
4. Bolts of purple

The Kitchen
1. magical cleaver
2. gnawed upon bones
3. The Great Hall
4. Posed skeletons
5. Large emblem of Ssanathra
6. Unstable passage

The Water Room
1. wanting ale, finding water.

The Barracks
1. Kicking of doors
2. Attack of the Rats

Entry into the Library
1. Gnawing of books
2. Paralyzing of Kankad
3. Turning of the Ghouls
4. Ghoul Hunt
5. The munching of Melphius
6. Splitting of the Party

Clearing of Rubble at the Grand Stair
1. Dwarf and Hireling at the cave-in

Further Exploration of the Library
1. A secret door
2. An evil book (and a save!)
3. Burning of the Book

Reunited Party
1. Renewed excavations.
2. The ghouls return (and are pwned)

Breaking through
1. Discovery of a winding stair
2. Discovery of a great hall of prodigious proportions.
3. Taking of the Winding Stair
4. An overland journey to Winterwall.


thanks Tim — these do jog my memory for various bits I’ve forgotten or mis-emphasized & help for writing up Kankad’s version of things !

Underhill at the Charred Inn

Glad it’s helpful. I tend to forget things, and an outline certainly makes for an excellent mnemonic aid. If you’re going to do a write-up, feel free to just edit it in on this entry—I have plenty of other stuff to do for the game, and Kankad’s quite the chronicler.

Underhill at the Charred Inn

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