Kankad's Tale Complete

Being the true account of Kankad and his fellows Tavum, Melphius, and Garven (and various & sundry minions) as they traveled from Winterwall to the Charred Inn, and what happened to them along the way, and how they found the Ruin of the Winding Stair after escaping the Temple of Ssanathra (well, except for poor Melphius who died)

Read the story here!


Great job, man. That was incredibly entertaining! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort.

By the way, here’s a link to the code necessary to do an ‘expandable’ adventure log post.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the way you did it.

Kankad's Tale Complete

Thanks ! I’ll use that code next time. I’m just glad I got it finished before the next session, I wasn’t up to much web coding at 2am though ;-)

Glad you liked the story version. Your version was fine for an overview. I’ld be curious to see how Melphius, Tavum, or Garven’s version of the story would differ, but it does take a good chuck of time to write that sort of thing up — even for one session.

Kankad's Tale Complete

I suppose I could have written from the viewpoint of one of the henchmen-that could have been fun. Especially if it had been from Oxnard’s perspective.

I’m going to say that an AP post is worth a good 200xp, by the way.

Kankad's Tale Complete

200XP !! well, they ain’t easy to write so I won’t refuse it ;-)

Yes, I’ll bet Oxnard would have quite a different impression of our stalwart adventurers, be interesting to hear what Tom thinks too. Goslyn’s still a bit quiet but maybe he’ll make his mark in the next session.

Kankad's Tale Complete

Goslyn’s a cipher.

Kankad's Tale Complete

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